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Design & Consult

At Tesco we provide world-class consulting services in the fields of Substation & Distribution Automation, IEC 61850, DNP3 and other grid modernization technologies.

Construct & Test

Tesco has over 30 years of hands-on experience specifying, designing, and testing substations, where we have gained proficiencies with all major IED vendors.


Tesco is actively involved in many standardization activities, and we are your source for accurate, up-to-date and practical information on IEC 61850 and DNP3.


Tesco is excited to announce the Grand Opening of our new California branch in December/2017, which is focused on providing IEC 61850 systems integration services, and turn-key substations & control buildings

61850 University Training Offerings

61850 University

Tesco offers a broad range of consulting, testing and training services to the power utility sector, with a focus on IEC 61850/DNP3 solutions.

See our event calendar for upcoming training sessions.


Your source for accurate, practical and up-to-date information on IEC 61850 and DNP3.

Tesco Automation


Find out how we can assist in modernizing your substation with IEC 61850/DNP3.

Tesco Automation LLC
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Los Angeles, California
P.O Box 3184

Email: dtessier@tesco-group.com
Phone: +1 306 539 8400

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