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New EnergyAt Tesco we understand that being successful with a disruptive technology  such as IEC 61850 requires passionate, dedicated, and hard-working experts that foster a culture that encourages innovative thinking. For inquiries please contact us directly.

We are a group of professional power utility automation experts. Working with disruptive technologies such as IEC 61850 can be challenging, and we understand the importance of building a cohesive team that has a unified vision. Instilled in our team is the passion and work ethic to ensure our clients are successful with their grid modernization projects. For employment opportunities with Tesco please contact us directly.

Meet our Consultants

At Tesco we realize that finding success with innovative technologies requires ambition, dedication, research and a culture that promotes collaboration and team work. For inquiries please contact us directly.

Dustin Tessier
Dustin Tessier P.Eng, MBA, PMP
Managing Director & IEC 61850 Expert
Barry Tessier
Barry Tessier
Managing Director
Grant Gilchrist
Grant Gilchrist P.Eng
DNP3 & Cyber Security Expert
Christoph Brunner
Christoph Brunner P.Eng
IEC 61850 Expert
Bob Sculley
Bob Sculley P.Eng
IEC 61850 HMI & Tooling Expert
Greg Beltran
Greg Beltran
Testing & PLC Expert


Some of the great companies we work with.

61850 University Training Offerings

61850 University

Tesco offers a broad range of consulting, testing and training services to the power utility sector, with a focus on IEC 61850/DNP3 solutions.

Please contact us directly for more information.

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