Dustin Tessier is the Managing Director for Tesco Group of companies, which is a turn-key substation provider that specializes in the engineering, construction and commissioning of protection, control and automation systems within the power system sector; with a focus on IEC 61850 based systems.

Dustin was an early advocate for IEC 61850 during his days with a Canadian Utility, and eventually migrated to Siemens where he was involved in Australia’s first IEC 61850 substation applications.  Dustin has since moved back to Canada to assist in his family-based company, and has been involved with IEC 61850 on a global perspective since, including leadership roles and participation in the following standards activities:

  • The Canadian Chair of the IEC Technical Committee 57, which is responsible for preparing international standards for power systems control equipment and systems including substation and distribution automation EMS, DMS, tele-protection, and associated information exchange for real-time and non-real-time information, used in the planning, operation and maintenance of power utility systems.
  • Canadian Chair of the IEC Smart Energy Systems Committee responsible for harmonizing the IEC standards that compose the global Smart Grid Roadmap.
  • Founder of the IEC 61850 University.com, which is an on-line platform used to offer 61850 training, testing and consulting services.
  • Founder of IEC 61850 Process Bus User Task Force, which is composed of over 30 members from 19 utilities across 7 countries.
  • Technical expert within the IEC 61850 Working Group, which is responsible for developing standards for the power utility automation domain.
  • Task Force Leader for the IEC 61850 HMI Task Force and recipient of the Canadian Innovative Initiative Pilot Project
  • Technical expert within Technical Committee 38, Working Group 37, which is responsible for developing standards for NCITs and stand-alone merging units.
  • A member of the UCA International IEC 61850 Testing Committee.
  • This participation has led Dustin to being awarded the 2015 Canadian IEC Young Professional of the Year.

For more details on Dustin’s experience and qualifications please see his resume.