Happy Holidays from the Tesco Team

2023 was an unprecedented year that resulted in growth and diversification within Tesco Automation. Our IEC 61850 and IEC 61869 service offerings have kept us busy with IED configurators, test plans, templates, and proof-of-concept testing for various digital substation initiatives. Furthermore, we’re witnessing an increased uptake in Tesco’s cyber security service offerings as it relates to DNP3SA5/6 and IEC 62351.

Tesco is Growing!

Darren De Ronde

We welcomed two new PAC engineers to the Tesco team in 2023. A sincere welcome to Darren De Ronde, Principal Protection Engineer located in Berkeley, CA, USA with over 20 years of hands-on electric utility experience and broad experience in engineering protection and control systems for mission critical environments. Darren has been hitting the ground running since joining the team, welcome Darren!

Eric Xu

Eric Xu

Also welcoming Eric Xu, Principal Protection & Automation Engineer located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada with over 14 years of expertise in Real-Time Digital simulations and testing of IEC 61850 based PAC schemes. As a key member of Tesco’s IEC 61850 Systems Integration & Testing team, Eric plays a pivotal role in delivering customer support, conducting on-site commissioning, and providing training to clients worldwide, welcome Eric!

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IEC 61850 University

IEC 61850 University

Tesco’s training offerings via IEC 61850 University have evolved to include two new training modules:

  1. Testing & Troubleshooting IEC 61850 Systems Course (Focused on Technicians)
  2. Advanced Networking & PTP Course

IEC 61850 University’s Mobile Digital Substation will be upgraded in 2024 to include redundant vPAC systems.

Upcoming Public Training

Tier I & II with Hands-on Workshop

April 8-12, 2024 – Montreal, Quebec
This 5-day in-person training course covers everything in the Tier I & II training including classroom and hands-on workshop sessions.

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Tier I & II with Advanced Training

October 21-25, 2024 – Oakland, California

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VPAC Alliance Membership (Approved)

Tesco Automation, a leading IEC 61850 system integrator and training provider, is delighted to have been accepted as a new member of the vPAC Alliance. The Virtual Protection Automation and Control (vPAC) Alliance is advocating for flexible, manageable, and interoperable platforms that are based on open standards. Tesco is contributing our IEC 61850 experience – from a practical and standards perspective – that includes memberships to the following vPAC Working Groups:

  • Applications (D.De Ronde/D.Tessier)
  • Architecture (D.De Ronde)
  • Cyber Security (G.Gilchrist)

Please contact us with any questions you may have pertaining to vPAC solutions and/or the vPAC Alliance.

vPAC Alliance

Digital Substations - User Task Force

Special thanks to all our presenters throughout 2023!

  • Centralized & Virtualized PAC Schemes hosted by Tesco Automation presented by Dustin, Michael and Dell
  • Common Digital Substation Roadmap & Vision Among Two Utilities, presented by Thomas Sterckx with Elia Group
  • IEC 61850’s Cyber Security Standards & DNP3SA, hosted by Tesco, presented by Staffan, Gigi and Grant
    Insights and experience with Process Bus & IEC 61850 Journey and Future Roadmap with Kyle Malvern at Endeavor Energy
  • SSEN Digital Substation User Information Session with Mohseen Mohemmed of SSEN
  • RTE Digital Substation User Information Session and ongoing advancements of the RSPACE project with Maud Merley or RTE France
  • Digital Substation Process Bus journey with Fadhilah Ahmad and Tenaga Nasional at TNB, a Malaysian utility.

Coming in January 2024 – Virtualized Protection, Automation & Control Applications with Prithpal Khajuria of vPAC Alliance.

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