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Substation Construction

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Substation EPC Provider – Over 30 Years Experience

Substation ConstructionTesco is your one stop shop for your substation engineering, procurement and construction needs. Tesco – along with our sister companies – deliver turnkey substation projects without relying on 3rd party contractors. This avoids impractical interfaces and unnecessary logistics between design, manufacturing and testing. Whether it is a traditional design or an IEC 61850 based design, Tesco would be delighted to assist in your project.

Tesco Automation has been building substations for the power utility sector for over 30 years. Whatever your requirements, we can help you get there. Contact us directly to get started.


ISO 2015

Turn-key Substation Offerings

Tesco delivers cost-effective turnkey substations that utilize modern, open-source technologies, and are delivered to the highest quality standards.

Substation Construction Deliverables

Tesco Group = Tesco Automation + Tesco Electric + Tesco Mechanical + Tesco Industries

Tesco Turn Key SubstationThroughout our 30 years of experience Tesco has fulfilled different roles depending on each project. This includes but is not limited to the following roles:

  • General Substation EPC Contractor
  • General Substation Construction Contractor
  • IEC 61850 Subject Matter Experts
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Substation Automation Subcontractor
  • Substation P&C Subcontractor
  • Control Building Design & Build Subcontractor
  • P&C Panel Design & Build Services

We would be happy to explore any opportunities to collaborate – via consulting, engineering, construction or testing – so please contact us for more information.

Substation Construction Services

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