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P&C Panels Built with Superior Craftsmanship

Tesco Electrician

Tesco prides itself on fabricating protection and control panels that are conformant to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance requirements. Tesco understands the importance of delivery properly built panels, which is why we take a systematic process when designing and building these P&C racks. Since Tesco has the capabilities to complete the entire supply chain (procurement, installation, testing, etc.), we can ensure the panels are built to our high-quality standards.

ISO 2015Panels Built to ISO 9001:2015 Standards

Tesco Automation is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Protection & Control Panel Deliverables

Tesco Control PanelsTesco’s protection and control panels may house various equipment, including:

  • Protection & Control IEDs
  • Meters & Fault Recorders
  • Control Switches & Mimic Panels
  • Network Switches & GPS Clocks
  • PLC Equipment
  • Industrial Computers & HMI Monitors

Tesco is excited to work with you on your panel fabrication requirements, in whatever context as you see fit:

  • Fabricating Custom Panels/Racks; and/or
  • Procurement of Electrical Components & IEDs ; and/or
  • Mounting and Installation of Electrical Equipment; and/or
  • Quality Assurance Checks (Buzz Tests, etc.) ; and/or
  • Panel FAT (See Testing Services for More Information) ; and/or
  • Installation of Panels and Inter-Panel Cabling

Panel Manufacturing Facility

Tesco Control Panels Facility

Brand New Facility to Accommodate Growth of P&C Panel Fabrication

Tesco has a built a new panel fabrication shop that has been designed to support our ISO 9001 quality management system when assembling and pre-wiring these P&C panels. Every panel that leaves our shop goes through a thorough inspection to ensure it meets our client’s specifications, as well as Tesco’s quality management system.

If you’re in need of high-quality P&C panels – offered at a competitive price – please contact us.

Tesco’s Past Panel Fabrication Projects

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