DNP3 Consulting

DNP3 Configuration & Consulting Services

Facilitating Standards Based Substation Communication

DNP3Tesco has the expertise to meet your needs regarding systems integration of the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), North America’s most widely used power utility data communications protocol.

Our services range from configuring DNP3 devices, to developing DNP3 documentation, to providing advice regarding software implementations, to determining the right DNP3 feature set for a given project, to facilitating resolution of interoperabiity disputes, to setting up dialogues with the DNP Users Group on how  best to meet your organization’s needs.

Our personnel have been members of the DNP Users Group and DNP Technical Committee since they were first created, and stay up-to-date on the latest issues and features of the technology. We served as editors and primary authors in the creation of some key DNP3 specifications including the Secure Authentication mechanism, the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) profile,  and the DNP3-to-IEC 61850 mapping.  We have the skills and knowledge to make you a success in your DNP3 projects, large or small.

Challenges & Opportunities with Grid Modernization

61850 University

Grant Gilchrist of Tesco Automation discusses some of the challenges utility companies face moving forward with modernization.


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