DistribuTech 2016 is a wrap! We enjoyed the opportunity to present and exhibit at this years conference, which is known to be the largest annual T&D event in the world. We used this opportunity to launch 61850University.com, which generated plenty of attention from the 12,000 attendees. It is great to see the intrigue for IEC 61850 growing in North America!

We thoroughly enjoyed presenting the “IEC 61850 Naming Nomenclature: Making Sense of the Semantics” with Mr. Apostolov. There was a great turn out and we appreciate the questions raised by the attendees.  It paired well with Mr. Muschlitz’s technical paper on “Distributed Data Recorders – The “Killer-app” for IEC 61850?”

Congratulation to the Southern California Edison Team on their “61850 SCD Fileset Extention to Automatic Generate HMI GUI and Database” technical paper, which explains how they extended IEC 61850 SCL to model their entire HMI/RTU application (among other things) – including the graphical components and EMS mappings- which allows the entire HMI/RTU to be automatically built using these machine readable file sets. There are discussions pertaining to the inclusion of a standardized HMI model within IEC 61850, which is quintessential in decreasing the HMI/RTU design and commissioning time from months to minutes. If you’re in support of this standardization work, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your IEC National Committee.

Props to Entergy and their technical paper that discussed the systematic approach used when deploying a real-world IEC 61850 Process Bus Pilot Project.  The collaborative approach taken is testament to the strong-leadership and we’re excited for what is to come from SCE, Entergy and other industry leaders.
We’ll see you all next year at Distributech 2017 in San Diego!