The IEC 61850 Working Group (TC57/WG10) continues developing the standards series, and Tesco is thrilled to be leading one of the new standardization efforts (IEC 61850-6-2: Configuration description language for extensions for human machine interfaces), which will support interoperability, reduce the risk of human error and save the time required for configuration and troubleshooting, which ultimately results in cost savings.

The 61850 work has been highlighted in a recent IEC blog: Meet the Smart Grid Experts, which we are humbled to be a part of.

The HMI Standard (IEC 61850-6-2) under development is planned to be globally circulated as a second draft in May/2020. This draft version of the International Standard focuses on the Graphical Configuration Language (GCL), which is based upon the W3C’s SVG 2 recommendation.

We believe IEC 61850-6-2 will have significant impacts on global grid modernization efforts, and predict it to be a key component to any Digital Substation. With the support of the Standards Council of Canada, we are proud to be leading this global initiative.