We are pleased to announce the IEC 61850 based HMI New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) has been recently approved as part of the IEC TC57/WG10 work plan. This Canadian proposal was initiated as part of the Canadian Innovative Initiative Pilot Project, and Tesco is fortunate to have been appointed as the Project Lead.  With an approval rating of ~ 93%, this is clear indication for a need to standardize on the “building blocks” used to compose an IEC 61850 based HMI application.

We thank all the IEC National Committees for their support, particularly to the experts who have volunteered to join the Project Team. The Team is composed of technical experts from Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Great Britain, Switzerland and the United States of America.  We’re excited to pursue this project with such a broad range of competent subject matter experts, and welcome anyone else who may be interested in joining.  It’s a unique opportunity to get involved, as we are early into the process and encourage new participants to join the IEC 61850 HMI Project Team.  We suggest you contact your IEC National Committee for further details. (Reference: NWIP: 57/1767/NP)

Our intent is to provide status updates throughout the 4 year process, and we’ll continue to engage industry to ensure we’re fulfilling their requirements.  A very special thank you to a Californian utility who have been quintessential towards the success of this proposal.

Please feel free to contact us (dtessier@tesco-group.com or andrea.ciemny@scc.ca) with any comments and/or questions.