IEC 61850 University is excited to be conducting a training course in New Orleans this week with one of North America’s visionary utilities who are actively deploying this technology within the power utility sector, which includes a process bus pilot project!

The major aspects of IEC 61850 were covered in this 3 Day training course, including the fundamentals and principles and more advanced topics such as:

  • Validation techniques for GOOSE & sampled value messages;
  • Network design considerations and best practices using network shaping mechanisms, such as VLANs, MAC filtering, etc;
  • Testing and virtual isolation mechanisms, including the intended use and sequence of enabling/disabling these testing/simulation attributes;
  • Latest updates to IEC 61850 Ed.2/2.1 and the provisions that ought to be taken for multi-vendor mixed systems (Ed.1/Ed.2);
  • IEC 61850 Ed.2/2.1 binding mechanisms including the new “Input” element;
  • Specification and engineering aspects for top-down and bottom-up workflow processes, which included a system specification and engineering demonstration using the Helinks STS Tool;

Special thank you to Mr. Chan Wong for hosting/coordinating the training course; the group of participants who were engaged in the interactive discussions; as well as Mr. Christoph Brunner and Mr. Alex Apostolov for leading the discussions.