Tesco will be attending the annual Power Energy & Automation Conference next week, which is being hosted in Spokane Washington.

Tesco is pleased to be conducting a course on IEC 61850 that will be composed of two parts. The first part will be spent explaining the fundamentals of IEC 61850 (get the juices flowing), and the second half will be an interactive session that will open the floor to any IEC 61850 queries, which may include exercises/examples.  In addition to this course, we will be presenting a technical paper on “IEC 61850 Hybrid Systems: Engineering Mixed Ed.1 and Ed.2 Systems“, which we hope will be of interest to attendees who have already deployed Edition 1 systems.

As part of the conference, Washington State University will is also be hosting a tour/summit of the Energy Systems Innovation (ESI) Center, which is committed to collaborations with industry and governments. The mission of the ESI Center is to conduct research and development as well as knowledge/technology transfer on smart grid in a societal context. We look forward to learning more about the ESI Center, and explore any opportunities to collaborate with the IEC Smart Energy Systems Committee.

For more information, please visit: http://cm.wsu.edu/ehome/peac/308786/

See you in Spokane!