Since we launched DigitalSubstations last year it has been growing steadily with some of the world’s top 61850 users. If you’re a member you’ll know we’ve been conducting regular live meetings discussing the latest happenings in the power industry. User task force meetings provide opportunities to share your own digital substations stories, and learn from other end users’ experiences.

We’re a curated community where every single member is vetted and we’re happy to say we’ve hit our first milestone with now over 250 unique 61850 implementers and stakeholders from around the world. Have a look at our member map below to see what a diverse group we are.

The Digital Substations User Task Force has been meeting since 2016, and we put all of our archived meetings online in 2019. Our aim is providing end users with the opportunity to hear real-world experience on IEC 61850 projects conducted throughout the world, including the business case aspects, the technical lessons learnt, and the implications to the overall engineering and commissioning processes.

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