Well, the IEC Smart Energy/Grid Meetings last week went without a glitch. Given the limited time, we covered a lot of ground. The bulk of the time was spent analyzing and ranking the results from a global survey, which sought the stakeholder’s priority regarding ~100 recommendations that pertain to the Smart Energy/Grid domain. We shortlisted these down to 10 high priority recommendations, which will be the focus moving forward. The highest priority recommendation of all – to no surprise – was the harmonization of cyber security standards across all domains (power utility and industrial process plant). Canada volunteered to lead this vital initiative, so if there’s anyone interested in contributing please contact us!

Other high priority recommendations pertained to: (no particular order)

  1. Substation Automation and guidelines that simplify the use of IEC 61850
  2. Need to develop application profiles across the various domains, which provides added simplicity for end users
  3. Develop a standardized approach for system and device management
  4. Energy storage systems and their integration within micro-grid applications
  5. Abstract data models for distributed energy resources
  6. Demand response standards

If you’re interested in receiving the full set of results please contact us. The real work will now begin when resolving these recommendations! Please contact us at dtessier@tesco-group.com.