The International 61850 Process Bus User Task Force completed its summer session last month, and we would like to thank our member and host Mr. Volker Leitloff from RTE. Volker provided insightful information into the work being done in IEC TC38 WG37 (responsible for SAMU/NCIT), as well as IEC TC95 AhWG3 that is drafting “Guidelines For Requirements And Tests For Protection IED With Digital Inputs And Outputs”.

Volker’s practical work experience with a utility, combined with his leadership roles within TC38 and TC95 brought a unique perspective to the Process Bus Task Force, which allowed members to better prepare for these emerging requirements that will eventually support their future Digital Substations. Thank you for allowing us to gain a better appreciation of the “Digital Protection Function Chain” and the need to address the requirements across the complete block chain, which will need close coordination among TC57, TC38 and TC95.

The International 61850 Process Bus User Task Force consists of ~40 members that span across ~25 utilities in roughly 10 countries. This is an ad hoc group composed of end-users that has no affiliation with the IEC, UCA or any other organization.

If interested in joining, please contact